Returning Home


Size Price
Original 30x46" In Museum
Canvas Prints 30x46" roll $938.25
Canvas Prints 30x46" stretched $1,140.75
Photo Prints 11x14" $101.25
Photo Prints 13x19" $128.25
Photo Prints 17x22" $168.75
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Returning home – you may not quite be the same. We missed the familiar but embraced the adventure. When we journey to far places carrying curiosity with us, the cultures immersed in, and people met, imprint on the soul and change our perspective. Culinary surprises delighted our senses. Exotic architecture, ruins and castles let us make believe we lived there. Foreign sights delight us and entertain, but most astounding of all is discovering ways we’re the same. Our library of ideas grow with wisdom we learned. Our ears are still ringing with sounds that we heard. Each inquisitive member of the family comes home with a stowaway: a vibrant story they can tell, again and again. It’s good to come home, souls full, until the horizon calls us to journey once more.

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