No One Left Behind


Size Price
Original 24x46'' In Museum
Canvas Prints 24x46" roll $877.50
Canvas Prints 24x46" stretched $1,073.25
Photo Prints 11x14" $101.25
Photo Prints 13x19" $128.25
Photo Prints 17x22" $168.75
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All aboard the train, no one left behind, we’re propelled by curiosity, bound for good times.
Look out through your window, a frame for the sky, through meadows with horses and sheep passing by,
The air we sail through, blurred with trees and blue light, then with colorful cities and palaces high,
It’s fun to set off with our friends in tow, each one his own captain with adventures to know.
What will we see, while away, on the move, what trinkets and treasures will we bring back to prove,
exotic locations and mystical scenes, we all saw when together on the trip of our dreams.

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