Expedition #5


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Original 30x24'' Sold
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Canvas Prints 30x24" stretched $843.75
Photo Prints 14x11" $101.25
Photo Prints 19x13" $128.25
Photo Prints 20x16" $148.50
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Life’s most adventurous chapters will make us feel whole, feed our ambition, deliver our soul.
Experience heals hearts and plants seeds deep inside, where tall trees of strength grow stretched out to the sky.
My journey was full and still it goes on, through lands I don’t know, foreign stories and song.
My words are now woven with things that I’ve seen, my stories tell traveler’s tales and dreams.
I’ve gathered family and friends to join me on the road, no matter where I have been there’s more places to go.
Each morning the sun lights up stretches of road, where life’s journey will take me till I’m tired and old.

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