Expedition #4


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Original 30x22'' Sold
Canvas Prints 30x22" roll $668.25
Canvas Prints 30x22" stretched $803.25
Photo Prints 14x11" $101.25
Photo Prints 19x13" $128.25
Photo Prints 20x16" $148.50
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You, my co-pilot; intrepid traveler and me, navigating our wheels and our wings happily.
With paths of potential before us, we’re free, to leave one single road in our past memories.
I love chasing horizons with you, love of mine, where we’ll go, what we’ll see, what we’ll do, will be fine.
Are you enchanted by spires of mountaintop views; are you pulled by the ocean, the mist and the blue?
Whatever your wish, I’ll gladly comply, embarking on journeys each day with my bride.

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