Vladimir’s inspiration is drawn from his positive approach to life, as well as his rich experiences living in Georgia, Israel and the United States. These life adventures have provided plentiful source material for Vladimir’s painting, and his oeuvre reflects his child-like curiosity for fascinating cultures and people. Furthermore, his work possesses multiple dimensions of meaning and expression, all contained within his preferred oil-on- canvas.

His latest exhibit, “Fantasy Travelers,” maintains his signature style but introduces new, fantastical elements. Paintings like Expedition #1 and Mind Traveler combine his patented attention to detail with uniquely romanticized characters. Vladimir’s new work presents exciting juxtapositions of vibrant color with surreal locations.

In addition to his wonderful original artwork, Vladimir often creates portraits of family, friends and inspiring figures.

As part of his art-school education in Georgia, Vladimir learned how to capture and depict individuals in imaginative and unique representations in the portraiture style of painting. His expertise. In portrait making is another extension of his unconventional perspective on life and the world around him. By infusing striking colors with fantastic settings, Vladimir shows the inner-essence of his subjects in a flattering representation unlike any artist currently working.

Join Vladimir as he explores the farthest reaches of the imagination.

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