Vladimir Pailodze

Anything is possible. It is possible to go places that don’t even exist in your imagination.

Vladimir Pailodze was born on November 9,1951, on the Black Sea, in the beautiful resort and port city of Batumi, Georgia.

Here, Vladimir grew up feasting his eyes on majestic ships passing by, surrounded by the ornate spires and elaborate beauty of European architecture. Vladimir’s imagination grew powerful in his youth and continues to be so today.

Vladimir believes his artistic mind and eye was shaped in part through his travels around the world. As a young boy of 5 years old, he was already drawing and painting, honing the skill to render what he had seen.

In Israel, Poland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, he has savored the exquisite detail of ancient buildings, streets and seaports, to inform a colorful universe in the visions he paints. But Vladimir’s creations have always managed to traverse the lines between this world and the next, taking his travels far beyond where his feet have stepped.

Vladimir’s preferred medium is oil on canvas, which he embellishes with gold or silver. The surreal images of ships in air and water, whimsical creatures and landscapes, evoke a mischievous and magical mood.

This is what I want; for more people to see my work and to feel happiness because of it.

His curious and watchful eye has combined with his life experiences to create meticulously detailed works on canvas.

At his home in Lake Zurich, IL USA, Vladimir can be found most days creating dream worlds in paint while listening to Symphojazz.

His masterpieces, Vladimir says, are for everyone.

Internationally Renowned Artist

Vladimir is an internationally renowned illustrator and has shown his work around the world in European and American art galleries. His masterpieces are vivid additions to the personal art collections of some of the world’s wealthiest art collectors. He has progressed as a feature artist in prominent, Chicago galleries to his own, exclusive online gallery, which ensures that around the globe, wherever art lovers are, they can join Vladimir on this fantastical journey.

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